Erotic & sensual fetish art from Mistress Jane Untamed
and photographer Creative Jim for the discerning voyeur.

About US

Mistress Jane Untamed & photographer Creative Jim (Jim Kellam) joined forces in late 2016 to produce a series of images for a fetish exhibition.

A positive response and several sales encouraged us to do further photo shoots with a view to exhibiting more work at other shows.

As well as planning future photo shoots with this object in mind we also offer a specialised service where we will art direct & photograph ( and Mistress Jane might be in if needed) for individual clients.

Both Jane & Jim have had over 10 years experience in and around the fetish scene in Melbourne. We are experienced, broad-minded & creative individuals so are happy to discuss (almost) any project with you.

If you would rather admire our work than be a part of it you can purchase some via Red Bubble (apparel, device cases & skins, home decor, bags & stationary) or we have some limited edition A3 framed prints (usually a run of 10 only) of our exhibited images here.

For Sale

Hold your ponies, patience is a virtue (so we are told).

Items for sale will be here soon!

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