Erotic & sensual fetish art from Mistress Jane Untamed
and photographer Creative Jim for the discerning voyeur.

About US

Mistress Jane Untamed & photographer Creative Jim (Jim Kellam) joined forces in late 2016 to produce a series of images for a fetish exhibition.

A positive response and several sales encouraged us to do further photo shoots with a view to exhibiting more work at other shows.

As well as planning future photo shoots with this object in mind we also offer a specialised service where we will art direct & photograph ( and Mistress Jane might be in if needed) for individual clients.

Both Jane & Jim have had over 10 years experience in and around the fetish scene in Melbourne. We are experienced, broad-minded & creative individuals so are happy to discuss (almost) any project with you.

If you would rather admire our work than be a part of it you can purchase some via Red Bubble (apparel, device cases & skins, home decor, bags & stationery) or we have some limited edition A3 framed prints (usually a run of 10 only) of our exhibited images here.

We also have put 9 of our images on Displates here.

Displates are photographs or artwork printed on metal posters. They look awesome & come in 3 sizes:
M - 45cm x 32cm
L - 67.5cm x 48cm
XL - 90cm x 64cm (made up of 4 x M-size displates)

Displate Art

Photo Shoots

Are you interested in being photographed by Creative Jim & art-directed by Mistress Jane Untamed?

We are available for hire to do a photo shoot shoot with an individual or a couple.

Our standard rate is $950.00 which includes pre-shoot discussion by email or phone to get ideas sorted out, 2 hours of photography & hands-on art direction on location and up to 5 shots Photoshopped & retouched in our distinctive style & provided as high-res files large enough to make poster-sized prints from.

If you would like Mistress Jane to be in the photos with you it is an extra $100.00 cost as she needs to prepare her outfit(s) etc.

More retouched images can be added at a cost of $50.00 each.

Feel free to contact us on or via social media.

1. We are open to photographing almost anything legal so please feel free to ask.
2. The quality of the shots taken may vary depending on the location we are shooting at.
For example a small, dark room will not be ideal for producing good shots!
Private residences or hotel/apartments are preferred but we will want to see sample shots of the location prior to the shoot.
3. A 25% deposit will be needed to ensure the booking with the balance required on the day.
4. You will be able to see all shots unretouched with a week or the shoot. Once you make your selections please allow 2-3 weeks for the finished images to be sent.
5. All decisions regarding the shoot (i.e. locations, subject matter, etc.) are at our discretion.

For Sale

All of our images look great when framed and hung on a wall.

Some of our images also look great on apparel (t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, mini skirts, etc.), mobile device cases, home decor (clocks, throw pillows), bags and stationery.

We have 3 collections at present - "Closer To God (John 6:56)", "Heel, Boy" & "Spit 'n' Polish" - click on a link to view the collection on Red Bubble.

Alternatively here are direct links to some of our items that are available on Red Bubble.

Closer To God (John 6:56)

Available in "Heel, Boy" & "A Day In The Life" versions as well.


Closer To God (John 6:56)
Long T-Shirt

Sizes S-2XL.


Closer To God (John 6:56)
Tote Bag

Available in "Heel, Boy" & "A Day In The Life" versions as well. Small or medium.


Closer To God (John 6:56) iPhone Cover

Available for iPhone 4-7 incl Plus & Samsung Galaxy S3-S5. Also iPad Retina & Mini.


Heel, Boy
Contrast TANK

Available in "Closer To God (John 6:56)" version as well
Sizes XS-2XL.


Heel, Boy
Drawstring Bag

Available in "Closer To God (John 6:56)" version as well


Heel, Boy
Mini Skirt

Sizes XXS-XXL.


Heel, Boy
Studio Pouch

Small or Large.


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